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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &


A&Y 542 Restored

A&Y #542

 This locomotive had the following characteristics: 

Construction year 1903
Construction number c/n 22570
Constructed by Alco Locomotive Works (Richmond, VA)
Southern Class J
Cylinder size (inches) 21"x28"
Steam pressure (pound per square inch) 200 lbs
Driver size (diameter) 56"
Weight (in pounds) 171,550 lbs
Tractive effort (in pounds) 37,485 lbs



AY-542-Pomona-Greensboro-ca19490220-NCTM-Collection.jpg (3286507 bytes)

Click on the image to get a larger size.

This photo of 542 in Pomona Yard (Greensboro) circa February 20, 1949 comes from a photo in the collection of the North Carolina Transportation Museum (NCTM), where the 542 resides today. This photo was the basis for most of the lettering choices in the cosmetic restoration of the locomotive.

AY-542-Pomona-Greensboro-ca19490220-John-Porter-Collection-0051.jpg (3497665 bytes) This photo is also from February 20, 1949, just from a slightly different angle and with a little more exposure on the film. The photographer is unknown but the image is from the John Porter collection and shared with me through Kevin von der Lippe.
AY-542-AY522-Pomona-Greensboro-ca19xx-John-Porter-Collection-0052.jpg (5595258 bytes) The 542 was doubleheading with the 522 in this undated photograph at Pomona Yard in Greensboro. Another photo from John Porter's collection sent to me via Kevin von der Lippe.
SOU-542-Tanglewood-Winston-Salem-ca195508xx-by-Harold-K-Vollrath-John-Porter-Collection-0050a.jpg (579292 bytes) The 542 was placed in Tanglewood Park in Winston-Salem, NC as depicted in this Harold K. Vollrath photo in August, 1955. I wonder if the girl in the cab is Harold's daughter or niece?
Railfan_and_railroad_April_1992_ay542.jpg (89431 bytes) The story of the 542 move from Tanglewood Park, Winston-Salem to the North Carolina Transportation Museum, Spencer, NC in the April 1992 issue of Railfan & Railroad Magazine. While the 542's condition and lack of fund raising made the idea of restoration to service for the Southern's 100th birthday impossible, a cosmetic restoration did eventually happen.
AY-542-NCTM-restoration-crew-ca-20110521-Gene-Lewis-02.jpg (68974 bytes) After the cosmetic restoration, the volunteer crew poses with the 542 on the NCTM turntable May 21, 2011 in Spencer, NC. Photo taken by Gene Lewis.
AY-542-NCTM-ca-20110525-Gene-Lewis-01.jpg (233648 bytes) And one of my favorite photos depicting the 542 lettered for the Atlantic & Yadkin Railway at the NCTM roundhouse after cosmetic restoration. This photo was on May 25, 2011 in Spencer, NC, again by Gene Lewis.



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