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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &


A&Y #109

The A&Y acquired #109 along with 106 and 113 from the RF&P on December 19, 1929.   I am not sure when this locomotive was retired.

This locomotive had the following characteristics: 

Construction year 1903
Construction number c/n 26864
Constructed by Alco Locomotive Works (Richmond, VA)
Southern Class n/a
Cylinder size (inches) 19"x26"
Steam pressure (pouind per square inch) 200 lbs
Driver size (diameter) 68"
Weight (in pounds) 142,000 lbs
Tractive effort (in pounds) 25,780 lbs



AY109_Greensboro_193x_Bowie.jpg (87965 bytes) This photo from the Bowie Collection depicts the 109 ostensibly in Greensboro with no date. I do not know the buildings in the background well enough to confirm the location.
ay_109_1937_07_xx_greensboro_unknown_morris_01.jpg (207656 bytes) This July 1937 photo of 109 in Greensboro is from my collection via eBay sold by Mr. R.P. Morris. I also have a real photo postcard of this image from the von der Lippe collection.
A&Y-109-Greensboro-ca-193008xx-HK-Vollrath-Bott-Collection.jpg (72653 bytes) This photo of the 109 is supposed to be from August, 1930 in Greensboro. At this time (November 7, 2016), I cannot find a print version of this image from the Harold K. Vollrath collection to confirm. It has too much similarity to the photo above for me to think they came 7 years apart.
A&Y-109-Sanford-ca193802xx-Bissenger-Schick-and-Bott-collection.jpg (408536 bytes) This February, 1938 photograph of 109 is in Sanford, NC. I had some challenges manipulating the scan to show the smoke and steam, but not hide the details of the locomotive. I believe that is a coal gondola right behind the locomotive. What I cannot tell is if the car behind is a coal gondola on an elevated track (as can be seen in some other photos) or a hopper. On the right side appears to be the end of a caboose. This photo was in the Bissenger, Schick, and now Bott collections.
A&Y-109-Greensboro-Peter-Farrell-ca19xx-Bott-collection.jpg (742359 bytes) This is an interesting photo of 109 taken by Peter Farrell of Greensboro, presumably in Greensboro. This locomotive that I thought was primarily was used for passenger trains is shown pulling a N&W HU class coal gondola.  I do not know if this was simply yard service to fill the coaling station or whether this was regular freight service. Unfortunately, I do not know when this photo was taken. If post 1939, which was after passenger service ended, it shows that the A&Y used the only locos they owned in whatever service they could. Given the Farrell photo above with a similar appearance (minus the steam), especially the gondola, I wonder if this is a February, 1938 photo too?
ay_109_1939_06_11_pomona_unknown_unknown_01.jpg (128290 bytes) This June 11, 1939 photo in Pomona is the only one to show the fireman's side of the engine. The photo is from the Tom G. Wicker collection and was obtained from Mac Connery, Durham, NC.
AY_109_sanford_1939_sink An unknown photographer caught #109 in Sanford on July 4, 1939, the year passenger service on the A&Y was discontinued.

From the collection of Tom Sink, Greensboro, NC.
Obtained from Mac Connery, Durham, NC.



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