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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &


A&Y #310

This Consolidation prior to 1903 was #297 but was renumbered subsequently to 310 according to Richard E. Prince's Southern Railway book.  It did not change its number when leased by the A&Y. It was removed from lease on October 14, 1937 because it was due at Spencer for heavy repairs required before January, 1938. It was sent to Spencer Oct 1937, but not restencilled Southern due to its age and was scrapped at Spencer, NC in March, 1939. Replaced by 472 in the A&Y lease agreement with the Southern.

 This locomotive had the following characteristics: 

Construction year


Construction number

c/n 3040

Constructed by

Alco Locomotive Works (Richmond, VA)

Southern Class


Cylinder size (inches)


Steam pressure (pouind per square inch)

200 lbs

Driver size (diameter)


Weight (in pounds)

156,940 lbs

Tractive effort (in pounds)

34,986 lbs


A&Y-310-Pomona-Greensboro-ca-19320322-PE-Parrish-Wicker-Collection.jpg (401106 bytes)

Click on the image to get a larger size.

P.E. Parrish of Charlotte, NC, caught the 310 at Greensboro, March 22, 1932.

Photo is in the Tom Wicker Collection. Copy print obtained from Mac Connery, Durham, NC.




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