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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &


A&Y #297

 This locomotive had the following characteristics: 

Construction year 1900
Construction number c/n 3027
Constructed by Alco Locomotive Works (Richmond, VA)
Southern Class H-1
Cylinder size (inches) 21"x28"
Steam pressure (pouind per square inch) 200 lbs
Driver size (diameter) 60"
Weight (in pounds) 158,200 lbs
Tractive effort (in pounds) 34,986 lbs

This engine, like many A&Y Consolidations, was formerly owned by the Southern Railway System. Prior to 1903, it was numbered 284 while serving the Southern. Listed as valued at $15,000 on 11/19/1937. Damaged in accident at Greensboro 4/13/1948; retired in October 1948 rather than repaired. It was replaced in A&Y-Southern Railway lease by #313. A&Y paid $3,600 to Southern to honor lease regarding condition of returned locomotives. 


A&Y-297-Greensboro-ca194x-Bott-collection.jpg (493782 bytes)

Click on the image to get a larger size.

This is the only color photograph of an A&Y locomotive that I have located. This photo is from a slide obtained via eBay.  I have no information about this photo, although it looks similar to the one below (note leaning pole and the section of a wheel in lower left) which would date it April, 1948.

After applying a fade correction to the slide, I was able to show clearly that the lettering was yellow (dulux imitation gold) especially when compared to the white striping at the bottom of the cab, along the walkway, and around the edge of the lead truck wheel.


This real photo postcard of 297 blasting through Stokesdale, NC, is undated and the photographer is unknown. The postcard is from my collection.
A&Y-297-Greensboro-ca-19370709-CP-Atherton-collection.jpg (446871 bytes) This photo from July 9, 1937 shows the 297 at the A&Y roundhouse in Greensboro. The driver tires in the foreground are interesting. The photographer was unknown. The photo was in the Bissenger as well as C.P. Atherton collections.
A&Y-297-Greensboro-ca-19370709-Bott-collection.jpg (368040 bytes) This photo obtained from Carl Munck via eBay, depicts a very similar image compared to the 1937 photo above, although there is more background detail in this shot. I see what appears to be an Atlantic oil tank as well as a large wooden water tank. This is a real photo post card now in my collection.
AY297 in Greensboro ca 193x James Bowie collection This photo was found in the James Bowie collection and shows the other side of #297. I purchased the Bowie collection.
A&Y-297-Pomona-Greensboro-ca19460428-David-Driscoll-Tom-Wicker-collection.jpg (323834 bytes) This David Driscoll photo of the 297 was taken April 28, 1946 at Pomona Yard, Greensboro. The photo is in Tom Wicker's collection.
A&Y-297-front-Pomona-Greensboro-ca19460428-David-Driscoll-Tom-Wicker-collection.jpg (436833 bytes) David Driscoll managed to get this head-on photo of the 297 that same day in 1946. This photo is also in Tom Wicker's collection.

The 297 was also captured by Howard Davis in June1944 at Greensboro.

Obtained via George Elwood's website from the collection of Bob Rathke (used with permission).


A&Y-297-Pomona-Greensboro-ca-19480404-RL-Harris-collection.jpg (370328 bytes) This photo of 297 in Pomona Yard, Greensboro, NC circa April 4, 1948, just 9 days before the accident that would lead to it's retirement was by an unknown photographer. Obtained from Robert L. Harris.
A&Y-297-Pomona-Greensboro-ca19480912-David-Driscoll-Tom-Wicker-collection.jpg (383529 bytes) David Driscoll caught 297 in Greensboro on September 12, 1948 after the wreck with Southern  859 in April. And thus ended the career of 297 on the A&Y and the Southern Railway.

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