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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &


A&Y 522

522 is an ex-Southern Railway class J Consolidation (2-8-0) built by Baldwin in 1903 (b/n 22016) with 21"x28" cylinders, 56" drivers, weighing 170,000 lbs, producing 37,485 lbs of traction. The 522 was desired to replace 302 in the A&Y locomotive lease because the wide firebox engines were found to be more economical. $1,800.00 was paid to the Southern to refurbish 522 at Spencer Shops. It was delivered to the A&Y on March 16, 1940.  Click on thumbnails to see full size image.

ay_522_walnut_cove_ca_unknown_farrell_01.jpg (108655 bytes)The 522 is pictured in Walnut Cove, NC. A separate photo clearly shows the Walnut Cove station sign on structure to the right in this photograph. The date of the photograph is uncertain, although it is likely post-1940 when the locomotive was leased to the A&Y.  The original negative is in the collection of Roger Farrell, Ithaca, NY, childhood resident of Greensboro. The photo is by his brother, Peter Farrell.  Image obtained from Roger Farrell.



ay_522_greensboro_ca_06_1944_unknown_laws_01.jpg (166840 bytes)The engineer's side of the 522 is depicted in this June 1944 photograph in Greensboro, NC. This photo was obtained from Bud Laws and was originally in the collection of Howard Davis. The original photographer is not indicated.




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