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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &


Gulf (Milepost CF 120.8)


Gulf is a town in south central Chatham County. The community is home to a general store and several historic homes. It received its name from its location at a wide bend in the Deep River. It was incorporated in 1913 but was long inactive in municipal affairs. It was an early 19th Century center of trade and coal mining.  The geographic center of North Carolina is located nearby.

Track Diagram  

bw_v27-31_gulf.jpg (71432 bytes)



A Southern Railway Shippers Guide from 1916 does not have any record of an industry at Bear Creek using the A&Y for delivering and receiving products by rail.


Goods Shipped

Company Name

gravel, sand, clay clay Pomona Pipe Products
gravel, sand, clay clay Pomona Pipe Products
livestock cattle, hogs M. J. Jordan
planing mill pine and oak Pennsylvania Lumber Co.
sawmill pine and oak rough M. J. Jordan


Odds and Ends

I don't know anything much about Gulf.  If you know anything about this town or the businesses and industries that might have used the railroad for shipping or receiving products, please let me know.

During my trip in September of 1999 I was able to take some photographs of the revised trackwork.  Originally, there was a crossing at grade and junction between the A&Y and the old Norfolk Southern.  Today the ACWR and the new Norfolk Southern interchange cars here.  Some scrap loads go to Sanford, but mostly grain cars are interchanged here.  Before the revised trackwork in 1999, there was an interesting "Gulf shuffle" during the interchange in order to move the cars around but keep the locomotives at the lead of their respective trains.  The revised trackwork will likely eliminate this and now allows for larger trains.  Below are some photos I took of the grade crossing, interchange tracks, and some aggregate hoppers parked there to provide materials for the trackwork.  This junction is not too easily reached by main roads!  Doubt if I could find it on my own.  Thanks again to Gareth McDonald for his help and insights.

Gulf_ACW_jct_tracks_stopbegin_sign This is the sign designating the dividing line between the new Norfolk Southern and the ACWR at the junction.
Gulf_ACW_jct_tracks  A shot from inside the triangle formed by the interchange tracks.The ACWR comes from the right hand side and the NS runs along where the cars are spotted.
Gulf_ACW_jct_tracks  here is another shot looking down the NS line with the track off to the left going to the ACRW.
Gulf_ACW_jct_tracks  this shows another leg of the NS heading off around a bend a bit further down the line from the juncition heading towards Sanford.
Gulf_ACW_jct_tracks This shot out the car window at the grade crossing, shows the NS line heading into the junction where the cars are spotted
Gulf_ACW_jct_tracks_MoW_machine MoW equipment still needed as the track work progresses.



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