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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &


Goldston (milepost CF 117.2)


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Goldston is a small town in south Chatham County.  It was settled in 1885 and incorporated in 1907. It was named for Joseph Goldston on whose land the town was developed. It is at an altitude of 424 feet. The A&Y had sidings for a capacity of 30 cars. The 1943 employee timetable indicates that  a couple of miles south of town was Boren's, a customer of the A&Y. I believe that Boren's was a brick or other clay products company.

On the right  is the station as it appeared in 1966 (North Carolina Collection, see below)

Goldston.jpg (32879 bytes)

The ICC valuation photo of the Goldston station is to the right (click on thumb nail image for larger view). AY_station_icc_goldston_1945_01.jpg (254664 bytes) The ICC engineer described the Goldston station as 23' x 72'6" with a high wood platform 4'6" wide on each side and end of freight room. The platform was boarded up to 4' high with 2" boards.  Thirty-five 12" x 12" wood posts supported the freight end. The freight room floor was 36" above the passenger room floor. Freight room walls were lined to 6' high with 1" boards and the floor was wood planks. Brick piers 24" square supported the passenger end.  The passenger platform had 275 yards of chert (a flint-like gravel) laid 9" thick. There was 105' of  7" x 16" and 60' of 3" x 12" wood curb containing the platform chert.

A stock chute "painted 2 coats" was also in place at the valuation. A 10' x 12' x 8' section tool house was also on the property. The 'Type 13' tool house had a 11' 6"  gable roof and is described as "identical with tool house at Dalton."

goldston_trackside_structure_a I took these  two contemporary line side buildings photos on a rainy day during my visit in September, 1999.The structures sit side by side. Although the design is older, I am not convinced these existed when it was the A&Y running past, especially given the look of the area in the older photo above.



Track Diagram  

An image from the ICC valuation maps gives a fair idea of how the track and depot were laid out. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger detailed image.

bw_v27-30_goldston.jpg (224875 bytes)



A Southern Railway Shippers Guide from 1916 indicates the following industries were located in Goldston using the A&Y for delivering and receiving products by rail. I will add industries as I receive information about them.


Goods Shipped/Rec'd

Company Name

cotton gin cotton T. M. Bynum
grain and hay dealer flour, meal, mill feed E. H. Goldston
planing mill pine roofers C. G. Sharpe & Son
sawmill pine and oak rough C. G. Sharpe & Son
sawmill pine and oak rough J. W. Goldston
sawmill pine and oak rough Noah Cheek


Odds and Ends

A&Y-Section-Crew-Goldston-from-John-D-Porter.jpg (4889976 bytes) This image of an A&Y track gang managing the track along Bonlee was sent to me by John D. Porter. These are the men who spent time in the section houses located at towns up and down the line.

I found this depot image on eBay, but a date and the photographer are unknown. 
My guess is this is a fairly recent image given the state of the depot. I did not win the auction.


This Bank of Goldston check was from the Eagle Gin Company, Inc.
DEALERS IN COTTON--SEED--COTTON SEED MEAL. and dated November 13, 1920.

I don't know if the Eagle Gin Company, Inc. was located in Goldston, but it did business there! 



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