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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &


HELP Received

This page covers questions I have about A&Y history and a list of A&Y photographs and documents I am seeking.  This is where you can help me.  I note where you have already helped me on the page linked to the left.

If you can answer any of my questions here or help me piece together the history of the Atlantic & Yadkin Railway, please contact me!
by email: dbott at vt.edu  (replace " at " with "@"
or by regular mail: David Bott, 2200 Carroll Highlands Court, Sykesville, MD 21784 


  1. Were all the passenger cars on the A&Y lettered for the Southern Railway?  The Southern owned the line, leased or rented the locomotives to the A&Y, and eventually integrated this short line into the Winston-Salem division. I know that the A&Y leased coaches from the Southern, but I have no evidence that leased equipment other than locomotives received A&Y lettering. During the years of true independent passenger operation from 1924-1939, were any passenger coaches repainted with the A&Y road name? 


Items and Photos sought

  1. I would love to have a conductors' manifest book detailing locomotives, cars (including road name, number and commodities) for any time from 1916-1950.  I have a set of such books for the Winston-Salem Divsion of the Southern for the early 1930's.  What a great find something like that from the A&Y would be for me!

  2. A side angle photograph of any passenger car lettered for the A&Y.  I have some photos of CF&YV passenger trains, but only a few photos depict A&Y passenger trains and these are not of sufficient quality or at an angle that allows me to determine the lettering on the coach and baggage car sides.

  3. A photograph of an A&Y train with flat cars of granite from the North Carolina Granite Corporation of Mount Airy/Flat Rock.

  4. I'm looking for a track chart for the entire CF line and the CR, and SM branches.  I used to have a relatively modern chart covering the line from Rural Hall to Sanford, but I have nothing for the A&Y mainline or branches.  I have a 1912 Southern Railway chart which helps.  I'm still looking for something more relevant to the period the A&Y operated 1916-1950.

I'm sure I'll have more questions later, but I would definitely appreciate any leads regarding these issues!  Full credit will be given to those who help me!









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