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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &



Many people and a couple of organizations have helped me in my research on the Atlantic & Yadkin Railway to date.  This way their kindness, generosity and good will is acknowledged.

Please note that these are not yet in any order.  I just listed people as I came across their names in my research notebooks and email.

  • Marvin Black (deceased), SRHA, photographer, and former Southern Railway employee at Greensboro

  • M. B. "Mac" Connery, Photographer

  • James Patton (deceased), Greensboro native, NRHS Chapter President and fellow fan of the A&Y

  • Kevin von der Lippe, Greensboro resident and a fellow A&Y historian and modeler.

  • Matt Bumgarner, SRHA, historian and author on North Carolina shortlines.

  • Gene Lewis, Greensboro NRHS Chapter and a fellow A&Y fan.

  • Dewey Trogdon, A&Y historian, fan, and modeler; photograph, data, and model donor.

  • Gareth MacDonald, editor of The Short Line and co-enthusiast for the history of the A&Y

  • Steve Massengill, North Carolina State Archive

  • Linda B. Stanfield and Amy Snyder of the Mount Airy Regional History Museum.

  • Tony Reevy, North Carolina State University Librarian and railroad history author.

  • Laura Smith, Carol Newman Library Archives, Virginia Tech

  • Ben Lawrence (deceased), Mount Airy Regional History Museum and Mayberry Model Railroaders

  • Hal Powell, Mount Airy Regional History Museum and Mayberry Model Railroaders

  • Thomas Hefner, region resident and photograph donor.

  • Spencer Duncan, friend, modeler, tinkerer, and inspiration for researching old short lines.

  • C. Jackson Wyatt, SMRF, SRHA

  • Gladys Scarlette, author of local history and Summerfield resident

  • Steven Shelton, region resident

  • Roger Farrell, former region resident

  • Jeff Friddle, Summerfield  resident

  • Neil McClanahan, King native
  • Jim McGhee, Southeastern Model Railroaders Forum (SMRF)

  • Eddie Clay Allred, Franklinville Historical Society and genealogical researcher

  • Rick Cromer, SMRF

  • Linda Cooper, Franklinville resident

  • Donald Arant

  • Craig Zeni, SMRF

  • Paul Bizier, SMRF

  • Fred Mullins, SMRF

  • Jim Murrie, SMRF

  • Robert Graham, SMRF, SRHA, ACL-SAL HS

  • James Matthews, SMRF

  • Bill Brueckmann, Summerfield resident

  • Bill McClung, SMRF

  • Robert L. Harris, SMRF

  • Steve Hedlund, SMRF

  • Don Hensley, SMRF

  • Robert Carroll, historian of King and Stokes County

  • Edwin Goad, Mount Airy resident

  • James Bowie, photographer

  • Wade Duncan, Stokes County Historian

  • John Rall, donation of CF&YV unissued stock certificate

  • Railroad Historical Resource Reference Center in Muncy, PA for data on MA&E

  • And all the viewers of my website!









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