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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &


Millboro (milepost CR 9.6)


Millboro is a community in northwest Randolph County. I have not found out much about it's history at this point.

The ICC valuation reports indicate that the combination station was built around 1900 and was categorized as a Type 4 station. Unfortunately, I did not find the referenced pages in the archives when I looked, so I do not have dimensions and/or drawings of this station.  The only comments by the engineers on the pages I do have indicate that there was a "high wood platform all around frt. end.  No low pass. platform around pass. end." Apparently the station was on brick piers set 18" into the ground.  The passenger platform was situated on cinder fill.  There was 120' of 7"x16" wooden curb with posts.  In addition to the combination station, there was an oil house built about 1910 to a standard dated 1905. And a cotton platform built about 1912.

Track Diagram

An image from the ICC valuation maps gives a fair idea of how the track and depot were laid out. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger detailed image.

map_v27b-03_millboro (8033 bytes)



A Southern Railway Shippers Guide from 1916 indicates that the sawmill of Ferree & Ferree was located in Millboro and using the A&Y for delivering and receiving products by rail (although some other businesses may have used the station or team track for less-than-carload shipments).  According to the Guide, Ferree & Ferree shipped out approximately 100 carloads per year in 1916.


Goods Shipped

Company Name


oak, pine, and ties

Ferree & Ferree

Odds and Ends

I don't know anything much about Millboro.  If you know anything about this town or the businesses and industries that might have used the railroad for shipping or receiving products, please let me know.


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