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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

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Maintenance-of-Way Equipment

The A&Y did have Maintenance of Way (MoW) equipment lettered for its own use. In addition, various equipment may be leased or rented to perform maintenance. The few photos I have of A&Y MoW equipment are listed here.

ay_mow_car_dorothy_preston_liken_jackson_herman_allen_preston.jpg (56518 bytes) Click on the thumbnail for the only photo I have uncovered of an A&Y lettered MoW car. This photo came courtesy of Sandy Isley of Belews Creek.
ay_ditch_digger_greensboro_circa_1950_01_wilson.jpg (35231 bytes) Stan Wilson shared this photo of a ditch digger on the A&Y in 1950.
ay_sperry_track_car_greensboro_circa_1949_01_wilson.jpg (68558 bytes) Stan Wilson shared this photo of a Sperry railcar in Greensboro around 1949.
ay_sperry_track_car_greensboro_circa_1949_02_wilson.jpg (58392 bytes) Stan Wilson shared this photo of a Sperry railcar in Greensboro around 1949.
A&Y-Section-Crew-Goldston-from-John-D-Porter.jpg (4889976 bytes) This photo of an A&Y track gang at Goldston circa 1945 was sent to me courtesy of John D. Porter. This is a hand powered track car.
The ICC Valuation engineering records included this 1916 photo of a track car at CF114.1. This image shows the whistle post style for the Southern as well as an early track car and the bridge. I'm not sure how the track car is powered.
Another 1916 ICC valuation engineering record photo depicts a lineside trackcar shed with the trackcar out at CF95.5.
This ICC Valuation engineering record photo is undated and was taken elsewhere on the Southern, but it gives a decent idea what the "T" design section houses might have looked like on the A&Y.
AY_section_toolhouse_icc_unknown_1918_01.jpg (76284 bytes) Here is an ICC Valuation engineering record photo dated 1/21/1934 and is from the A&Y. Another motorcar shed (see the rails leading out from the door).









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