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I hope to include lots of Southern Railway Historical Information on this website over time.  For now, I have S. Roger Kirkpatrick's table of extant Southern Railway cabs (cabooses for the uninitiated), some prototype photos of Southern Railway equipment, and contact information for the Southern Railway historical groups.

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Southern Railway Historical Association Publishes bimonthly magazine TIES Magazine, holds annual meetings in locations of historical significance to Southern Railway, and makes available special offerings of books, videos, slides and other items to its members and to the public. An important goal of the SRHA is to create research and photo archives. Steve Smith now has an index of the contents of TIES Magazine   which you can access by clicking here.

For more information or to join you can

Southern Railway Historical Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 33
Spencer, North Carolina 28159

write to:
or you can email them at


Southern Railway Historical Society

Publishes a quarterly newsletter, Southern Rails, and assists members in obtaining historical and modeling information about the Southern Railway. The SRHS is not affiliated with the Southern Railway.

To inquire about membership write to:

B. F. Roberts
P.O. Box 204094
Augusta, Georgia 30917-4094

The round Southern Railway trademark and the name TIES Magazine are the property of the Norfolk Southern Railway Company.



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