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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &


North Carolina Granite Corporation, Flat Rock, NC


This page is focused on one of the main reasons the A&Y was constructed to Mount Airy and one of the bigger customers on the line for the A&Y, the North Carolina Granite quarry at Flat Rock, 2 miles east of Mount Airy. The quarry rarely if ever ships stone by rail these days, though the line remains. 

Track Diagram  

bw_v27-S1_nc_granite_corp_all.jpg (143932 bytes)

Odds and Ends
Here are a couple of images I took while visiting in 1999.  Unfortunately it was closed so I couldn't ask for a tour or get closer.  Hopefully, I can get some better, and even historic, photos when I contact the company. The North Carolina Collection at UNC Library has some wonderful shots of the quarry works circa 1905 that I hope to obtain in the future for display here.

mount_airy_quarry There is a whole lot of granite left for this company to quarry!  By the way, this is the largest open pit granite quarry in the U.S. according to my understanding. mount_airy_quarry
quarry_cfyv_collage Left is an image collage of the quarry Robert L. Harris sent me. This collage shows the quarry while it was being served by the Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Railway prior to 1899.

The postcard to the right shows the quarry circa 1906.

Mount-Airy-Granite-Quarry-front-photo-pc-copied-ca1908.jpg (1211912 bytes) Another photo post card (left) depicts the quarry operations in 1908.

The photo to the right is undated.

Mount-Airy-Granite-ca19xx-A.jpg (26759 bytes)
Mount-Airy-granite-quarry-moving-stone-ca1914.jpg (29507 bytes) These postcard images of the Granite Quarry at Mount Airy are eBay acquisitions in my collection.

The left is circa 1914. The right is undated.


NC-Granite-quarry-post-card.jpg (50493 bytes)
The photos here are undated images.
nc_granite_corp_granigrit_bag.jpg (50347 bytes) One of the products of the NC Granite Company was "Gran-i-grit" a poultry grit made from  left over bits of granite!  Here's an image of a Granigrit bag I found for auction on eBay:











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