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The Mount Airy, NC Furniture Industry

This page is focused on one of the big industries served by rail in Mount Airy.

Information and photos are courtesy of the Mount Airy Museum of Regional History.


Aerial-Mt-Airy-Furniture-Factories-00020.760_1024x795.jpg (665568 bytes) There were several furniture companies located in Mount Airy, including The Mount Airy Furniture Company, the National Furniture Company, the Mount Airy Chair Company, and the Mount Airy Mantel and Table Company. Left is an aerial view of the factories in Mount Airy.


The Mount Airy Furniture Company

Mt-Airy-Furniture-Factory-2623.001_1024x815.jpg (547284 bytes)  

Aerial view shows The Mount Airy Furniture Company that was formed in 1895 by J. F. Yokley, C. R. Merritt and E. H. Kochtitzky. It manufactured case goods including bedroom furniture, executive office furniture, pie safes and various cabinets. Through the years it expanded to include dining room and occasional chairs in its production. It merged in 1966 with the Mount Airy Chair Company (see entry below). 


You can see the HAER Report on Mount Airy Furniture Company 

Mt-Airy-Furniture-Factory-auction-2627-001.jpg (1351334 bytes)  

The Mount Airy Furniture Company building at auction.

Mt-Airy-Furniture-Factory-fire-03015-001_1024x815.jpg (528968 bytes)  

Unfortunately, on June 9, 1997, the Mount Airy Furniture Company was completely destroyed by a devastating fire.


National Furniture Company

Mt-Airy-National-Furniture-Company-postcard-2615.001_1024x658.jpg (605281 bytes)  

The National Furniture Company was founded in 1901 by J. H. Prather, Charles J. Whitlock, T. B. McCargo, E. C. Foy and R. L. Haymore. 

Mt-Airy-National-Furniture-Company-ca-1941-2617.001_1024x812.jpg (490532 bytes)  

National Furniture Company, looking North on Factory Street.

Mt-Airy-National-Furniture-Co-company-houses-2623-002_1024x815.jpg (17270545 bytes)  

National Furniture Co. looking north. On the right side of Factory Street are company houses.

National Furniture Co. looking northwest. In the lower right corner is the office of Mt. Airy Mantel & Table and in the, lower left corner are the dry kilns for Mt. Airy Mantel & Table.

National Furniture merged with Mt. Airy Mantle and Table Company around 1974 to become National Mount Airy Furniture. They moved from Mt. Airy out to Sheep Farm Road. It was absorbed/bought later by the Virginia-based Bassett Furniture.  Around 1997, the National name was eliminated and the company just went by Bassett Furniture.  


Mount Airy Mantel & Table Company

Founded in 1902 by George O. Graves, Calvin Graves and B. H. Williamson. It merged with the National Furniture Company (see above) and the result was absorbed by the Virginia-based Bassett firm.  We do know it was in existence in the 1930s and 1940s.


Mount Airy Chair Company

Mt-Airy-Chair-Company-ca-1941-2616.001_1024x809.jpg (496119 bytes) Formed in 1921, by Bruce and James Yokley (brothers). An article in 1928 states the manufacturing output included drawing room and dining room chairs, dining room furniture, and bed room chairs.












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