Radio Control Car Modeling

The model shown on this page was built using a resin kit produced by Gary Wright, Wright Track Model Trains and Custom Painting, 886 Rocky Branch Road, Clarkesville, GA  30523, . This is a very nice kit containing a 1-piece cast resin body and a separate underframe. Unlike older kits the resin used is flexible and very easy to work with. Additional parts from Tichy are supplied along with some brass and styrene. I substituted parts in many places as well. I hope these photos will help with your modeling project and suggest you also take a look at the prototype photos in the photo gallery under Freight Equipment . Double-click any photo for a larger image.


I used a 50:50 mixture of ModelFlex Light Tuscan Oxide Red and Milwaukee Brown for the body and Reefer White for the roof. I then over-sprayed various areas with a thinned weathered black to simulate road grime. The decals provided with the kit are based on actual Southern stencil diagrams however I substituted a couple from Microscale's 87-14 set. The numerals 3,6, & 9 had rounded ends on the prototype whereas on the decal they are squared off. 


Here are the ends of the cars showing the various details. Note that I also used the small SOUTHERN roadname and numerals from the Microscale set here too because they are made to look like the stenciled versions on the prototype.

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