Diesel Modeling


Southern's RS3s are some of my favorite locomotives. They're so much more sleek looking with that long rounded hood than geeps and other high hoods. This unit was constructed using an Atlas model, Stewart and MDC offer similar models.




Southern's E8s had their air reservoirs moved to the roof in the mid 1950s giving them this distinctive "torpedo tube" appearance. THis is an "off-the-shelf" LifeLike model to which I ahve added various details.




River Street Rambler

In Savannah, Georgia the Southern Railway had a switching line that ran right down the middle of River Street, a popular tourist area. This EMD SW9 was painted in bright colors to warn tourists.




When the SW9 was retired this SW1500 replaced it in River Street Rambler service. I described how to build these units in the May 1997 issue of RMC.



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