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This is the page you may wish to bookmark, since it will lead you directly to other parts of the A&Y website without having to download that big map on the home page.

I will also include notes on what pages I've recently updated here:

  • NEW! There is a lot of new information which I have acquired since the last time I updated this site, but much of it is not as easily shared as photographs.  I have spent a considerable amount of time just trying to store and organize the information that generous people have shared with me.  I am still trying to improve my documentation and organization of materials without getting a degree in computer science, library science, or industrial archaeology!  I have decided not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Small updates shared are better than large improvements that never get shared and are lost to time.

     As of September, 2012, I'm working on a new section for Mount Airy to address what I know about the furniture industry. This would complement the page on the granite quarry. I should also do some research into the tobacco business which I believe played a role in the early growth and prosperity of Mount Airy. Industries that did not require large, relatively permanent structures tend to be harder to document, so long after the people who lived and worked there have passed on.

     I'm also hoping soon to work on a Greensboro page/section. It was the largest community served by the A&Y and according to company records it was the source of the majority of the railroad's income - from switching the industries in and around Greensboro.  I plan to add special sections on the big customers in town, including the various mills owned by Cone, the fertilizer dealers, the Pomona clay pipe and brick maker, and the various building supply companies, 

  •  On January 8, 2008, I created an email list on devoted to the history of the A&Y.  

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Click on the links to the left to view the images and other information I have collected to date.  Please note, I am using thumbnails with links to larger images rather than full size images on the pages in response to those of you who asked that I cut down on image size when loading the pages.

I am always working on my collection of Atlantic & Yadkin Railway and related railroad photographs.  I have acquired a number of photographs of A&Y locomotives, one caboose, and many of the extant stations.  I have contemporary  images of the towns and industries served by either the Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley, an affiliated narrow gauge logging line called the Mount Airy & Eastern, the A&Y, or the modern Yadkin Valley and Norfolk Southern.  Some are post card images, some are photos scanned from books that are currently out of print or from donations to my research by other people, and some are contemporary images taken on my trips to the region beginning in September, 1999. 

org_1946.jpg (45973 bytes)

Note that some historic photos are from the North Carolina State Library Photographic Archives and are considered public domain.  Other images come from personal collections or the University of North Carolina Southern Collection.  These photographs, along with my contemporary shots are copyrighted and have restrictions on their appearance and use.  Please do not copy these images for other uses without contacting me first.  In some cases, I have not been able to obtain permission from the original photographer and/or owner of the original negative/print.  Please contact me if you feel one of the images on this site is in violation of copyright.   I will remove it as soon as possible until I can obtain permission for such use.   I am glad to share my personal photographs for research and other non-commercial use so long as you ask me first and obtain written/email approval.

If you have any photographs of the Atlantic & Yadkin Railway or related subjects you are willing to share or sell for my personal research or for inclusion on this site, please contact me!

by email: dbott@vt.edu or by regular mail: David Bott, 2200 Carroll Highlands Court, Sykesville, MD 21784-6306 




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