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Atlantic & Yadkin Railway

History &


Retouched title from Stock Certificate

This line was a predecessor to the Atlantic & Yadkin Railway. Here is a map of the railroad as of 1894. 

cfyv_map.jpg (72666 bytes)

The road would last only 5 more years before succumbing to the financial problems created during the depression of 1893.  The whole road would be bought at auction in 1899 by the Wilmington and Weldon (later ACL) because of the coveted branch into Bennettsville, South Carolina, but the line north of Sanford would be sold off to the Southern Railway despite the pointed desires of the residents along the route and the North Carolina Supreme Court to keep intact this potentially vital link between the Piedmont region and Wilmington   a port within the state boundaries.

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CF&YV passenger station and trainHere is an unidentified passenger train at the CF&YV station in Greensboro, NC.  Photo by ?. Marvin Black collection, Durham, NC. Obtained from Jim McGhee. I would appreciate any information people could provide on the identity of the train or the time photograph was taken. 


Greensboro Depot and General OfficeHere is another photo of the CF&YV Ry station in Greensboro.   The building in the oval inset is the CF&YV Ry General Office Building, also in Greensboro. Photo by ?  From the Collection of the State of North Carolina, Department of Cultural Resources, Raleigh, NC.


CF&YV_8_unknown_WalkerHere is a photo of CF&YV #8, an American type (4-4-0) locomtive.  Photo by Doug Walker in the collection of Mac Connery, Durham, NC.



CF&YV_28_unknown_AllenHere is a photo of CF&YV #28, a Ten Wheeler (4-6-0) locomotive. Photo in collection of John B. Allen and obtained from Mac Connery, Durham, NC.



cfyv_unissued_stock_392_front_t.jpg (11846 bytes)Scan of an unissued Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Railway Company stock certificate (100 shares).

Donated for use on this website by John Rall of Lilburn, GA.



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